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Who are these products for?

Our ekolife range is for people who want to develop active creativity, imagination and group play among children, using products that do not harm our planet in the way they are made, used and disposed of.
What material are your products made from?

All our products are made entirely from cardboard. We use single-wall and double-wall cardboard depending on the product requirements.

Cardboard gives us a combination of rigidity and strength, and is also lightweight and easily decorated.

All our products are FSC certified. The aim of the Forest Stewardship Council is “to protect forests for future generations”. FSC certification indicates our ongoing commitment to responsible use of our planet’s resources.

Because it is paper-based, once it’s useful life is over, the product is 100% recyclable in your green bin.
Where do you deliver to?

At the moment, ekolife products are available in the UK only. We aim to develop a broader network of manufacturing sites which will make ekolife more widely available. Please contact us for other destinations.

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How long will shipping take?

We offer a 2 day service to UK addresses.
What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your experience of ekolife and our products.

If there are any defects with the product or delivery problems, we will refund your purchase and arrange for collection.

If you change your mind about the purchase, and meet the cost of return to us, we will also refund the cost, less the original shipping cost.

If a refund is required, please contact us on and we will assist you with the process.
How do you assemble and store the products?

Where assembly is required, our products come with an assembly instruction sheet. These instructions are also available on the product page on our website. Assembly by children and the need for easy collapse and storage has been an important element of our design process. Our products can be assembled easily and quickly. The shipping box in which your product arrives can be kept and used to store the product (under a couch or a bed) ready for it’s next outing.
What safety precautions should be taken?

Some ekolife products are over-sized, so help from an adult for assembly may be required.

Once assembled, the products are rigid enough to withstand normal play, however, children should not climb onto the products.

As there are some small parts in some of our products, they are not intended to be used by children under 3 years old. Our products have been tested and CE certified as meeting the  requirements of BS EN 71 (European Toy Safety Directive) Parts 1, 2 and 3.  

As our products are entirely paper-based, they should be used in dry / indoor areas.
How can I review these products?

Feedback of all kinds is important to us, and as a new business we would very much appreciate any comments, suggestions, reviews or other views you would like to share with us.

Our email address is
How do I dispose of the product?

Our products are 100% recyclable, and this is the very heart of why ekolife exists. When its useful life is over, pop it into your green bin, and it will be recycled and most likely become another cardboard product.

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