We’re ekolife, and our mission is to explore and inspire sustainability. 

Eco friendly toys for eco conscious families

ekolife is a Smurfit Kappa initiative. Our company is curious, creative and responsible, and our cardboard is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. So, we think cardboard products can offer a realistic alternative to the mostly plastic ones that dominate the toy market today.  

We know the material has a unique combination of characteristics – it's strong, lightweight, printable, can be decorated and ultimately, it is 100% recyclable. The consistent starting point for our design process is to try to match the 'useful life of a product' to the 'actual life of the materials' used to make that product.
Consumers are increasingly aware of the influence their purchases, and actions, have on our environment. As society becomes more aware of the damage caused by other materials and supply chains, we are working to offer alternatives and collaborate with our community towards achieving a better planet. Our material is recycled and recyclable. It used to be something else, and in time will become something else. This is circularity.

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